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Years to rebuild what George Bush destroyed
The rebuilding of our nation is daunting and enormous after 7 years of the Bush administration. But we can restore our nation. INSIGHTS by Joe Howard Crews. Read More

Event Reminders:

Bob Filner give insights into presidential politic
Wednesday, 01/02/2008
Rep. Bob Filner will address fellow progressives at the PDA meetup Wed. Jan. 2 at Giovanni's Pizza Restaurant. Read More

Calendar of Progressive Events in SD County
Saturday, 01/05/2008
Calendar of Events Peace Resource Center, all San Diego County. - CLICK HERE. Read More

All Democratic events SD County = Jellison List
Saturday, 01/05/2008
List of Democratic Party events in San Diego County: CLICK HERE. Read More

Deadline to register to vote is Jan. 22, 2007
Saturday, 01/05/2008
The California Primary election is Feb. 5, 2008. The deadline to register to vote (or re-register if you have moved) is Jan. 22, 2008. This date is fast approaching. See the great news about San Diego County registrations last year. Read More

No. Co, Unity searches for and supports candidates
Saturday, 01/05/2008
Saturday January 5th, 10:00 am. North County Democratic Unity and the North Area of the San Diego Central Committee candidate recruitment follow up meeting. In Escondido, CWA meeting hall. Read More

DEMCCO to present Candidate Forum
Saturday, 01/12/2008
At the next Carlsbad-Oceanside DEMCCO meeting on Jan. 12, a Presidential Candidate's Forum will present surrogate speakers as advocates. Read More

Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
Saturday, 01/12/2008
A San Francisco based jazz and blue band, reminiscent of Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday with provocative lyrics and big bluesy voice of Lavay Smith. Read More

Annual Letters awards night - NC Forum
Saturday, 01/26/2008
The 11th Annual Letters to the Editor Awards Night is Jan. 26 in Vista. This is an enlightening and entertaining event, which pokes fun at the ridiculous and applauds the sublime letters written to the North County Times.